January News


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This past weekend I opened in “The Huntsmen” at Portland Playhouse. Opening night received a standing ovation and multiple curtain calls. It feels wonderful to be so thoroughly embraced by the Portland arts community. Here is what the reviews had to say about my performance (please click on the links for the full articles):




“At the heart of this remarkable production, under the pitch perfect, tone deft [sic] direction of Kathleen Dimmick, is Dean Linnard, fresh from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and utterly fascinating as a gawky kid with a golden voice, a moral vacancy and a fantasy life that often bleeds, shall we say, into the real world.”


Martly Hughley, The Oregonian




“Played with mesmerizing zeal by Dean Linnard, Devon is equal parts clumsy teen, moody murderer and smooth crooner … Linnard’s voice is beautifully clean, and he injects the songs with surprising psychological intensity.”


Rebecca Jacobson, Willamette Week




“Dean Linnard [is] morbidly hypnotic as the altered teen with a blade.”


portland theatre scene




“New York actor Linnard plays Devon with awkward intensity, a frenetic ball of freak out that stares intently into the distance while his skinny arms scat in frenzies of staccato movement. With his gawky limbs, wild mop of hair, and tense, shoulders-pulled-back posture, he comes across almost as a cartoon killer, further deboning what could easily tilt into too gruesome a tale …


[T]he three supporting male actors (Gavin Gregory, Jared Miller, and O’Connell—all with fabulous voices) … provide the accompaniment to Linnard’s nimble, expressive tenor.”


Aaron Scott, Portland Monthly




“As portrayed by Linnard, Devon is a squirrely, jittery kid who only seems at home when he’s singing lead vocals in the doo-wop numbers that dominate his inner life. Linnard’s got a great voice, and he’s capably backed by the rest of the ensemble in original songs that easily pass for doo-wop standards.”


Alison Hallett, The Portland Mercury




“[T]he astonishing part … comes at the end of the scene, another bloody deed done, when Devon launches into “Speedoo,” … and Dean Linnard changes from an insatiable grub into a divine doo-wop butterfly. The beat, the close harmony, Linnard’s youthful tenor lifted in a mild version of the traditional boasting song!”


Barry Johnson, Oregon ArtsWatch




And finally, theater critic Marty Hughley said the following about our production in The Oregonian (Oregon’s largest newspaper):


“Quincy Long’s delightfully twisted play, which opened its world-premiere run Saturday at Portland Playhouse, delivers the most surprising, strange and satisfying theater of the season so far …


[T]here’s smooth singing and psychologically precise acting from everyone here … As an ensemble, they take reality and delusion, dreams and fears, humor and horror and turn it all into a transporting kind of music.”     




“The Huntsmen” runs through February 17th at Portland Playhouse.



2012 Recap

Happy New Year, Internet!


As 2012 comes to a close, I’ve been thinking back on all the wonderful theatrical experiences I’ve had in the last year. I feel such tremendous joy and gratitude to have worked with so many fantastic people and organizations. My experiences in 2012 have reaffirmed my belief in the power of theater to nurture the mind and spirit.


This past Summer my one-man show adaptation of “Hamlet” had a short run as part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s New Works Series. I played Caliban in “The Tempest” with the fine folks at Vermont Shakespeare Company. In the Fall I played Hamlet again in an experimental production that went to the New Orleans Fringe Festival. I also worked as a character elevator operator at the brilliant Off-Broadway show “Sleep No More”. And I am writing this from Portland, Oregon where I am deep in rehearsals for the world premiere of “The Huntsmen” at Portland Playhouse. All of these adventures have challenged and stretched me as an artist and I feel so lucky to have encountered so many talented and compassionate fellow artists along the way.


Many thanks to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, the TRUF, Manhattan Rep, Vermont Shakespeare Company, Kipuka Theater, Punchdrunk/Emursive, Tremor Theater Collective, Barrow Street Theatre, and Portland Playhouse for providing me with creative homes throughout 2012. I look forward to the new adventures in store for 2013.


Have a happy and healthy New Year, everyone!!!


December News

Season’s Greetings, Internet!


Hello from Portland, Oregon! I just started rehearsals for the world premier of “The Huntsmen” at Portland Playhouse. “The Huntsmen” is a new play by Quincy Long, whose work has been presented at Playwright Horizons and Berkeley Repertory Theatre. I am playing Devon, a 14 year old serial killer who is obsessed with Doo Wop music. I am extremely honored to be a part of this topical, provocative, and complicated play. The show runs January 17th – February 17th.


For more information, please visit PortlandPlayhouse.org

November News

Top Of The Morning To You, Internet,


I just returned from New Orleans where I played Hamlet in the experimental theater piece “The Rub” at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Our play was chosen as one of the top four at the festival (out of 69!) by The Gambit.


I so enjoyed working with my talented colleagues and exploring “Hamlet” once again. I also fell in love with New Orleans – such a beautiful and diverse city. I hope to return.

October News

Greetings Internet,


I am currently in rehearsal for “The Rub”, Tremor Theater Collective’s experimental adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. It is tremendous fun to be playing the Dane again. We are traveling to Louisiana next month to perform in the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Very exciting!


For more information, please click below:



September News (and it’s exciting!)

Salutations Internet,


I am very excited to announce that I recently began working at “Sleep No More,” Punchdrunk’s Off-Broadway immersive theater experience. I am playing Edward, an elevator operator at Gallow Green, a beautiful rooftop bar and restaurant adjoining the magnificent McKittrick Hotel. I am a huge fan of Punchdrunk and the magnificent world of “Sleep No More,” and I am truly honored to be joining their team.


For more information about “Sleep No More” and Gallow Green, please visit:



“Tempest” Recap

Howdy Internet,


I just returned from two weeks up in Vermont performing Caliban in “The Tempest” with Vermont Shakespeare Company. It was a wonderful experience with an immensely talented cast and crew. We received a rave review in the weekly Vermont newspaper Seven Days. Here is what they had to say about my performance:



“The current of energy first invoked by Prospero’s incantations remains high throughout the show, whether that spark is embodied by the brutish, Gollum-like Caliban (Dean Linnard), revived by the drunken antics of sailors Trinculo (Christopher Payseur) and Stephano (Collin Smith) or reflected in the eyes of the two young lovers …


[T]he physical comedy enacted by Caliban and the two sailors is riotous and perfectly timed. When Trinculo crawls under a pile of rags, with which Caliban has disguised himself to escape a second tempest, the resulting quadruped of their jumbled limbs is worthy of a “Saturday Night Live” skit …


Linnard pours heart and soul into the crouching, wretched slave Caliban, spending much of the performance hunched over on his knuckles. The requisite teeth gnashing and dirty garments capably represent Caliban’s evil nature, but Linnard does well to infuse a touch of pathos, as well.” (Lindsay J. Westley, “Weathering a Real “Tempest,” the Show Goes On for Vermont Shakespeare Company” in “Sate of the Arts,” August 15th 2012)



You can read the entire review here:




August News

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Tomorrow I depart for Vermont to play Caliban in Vermont Shakespeare Company’s production of “The Tempest.” We perform August 10 – 12 in Knight Point State Park in North Hero and then August 17 – 19 in Oakledge Park in Burlington. For ticket information and more please visit:




The Reviews Are In …

The Children’s show I was in, “Sarazad and the Monster-King,” closed last week, but before we closed we got reviewed by the New York Times! Here’s what they had to say about my performance:


“But if “Sarazad” has a shaky grasp of real-life monsters, it succeeds charmingly with the kind from dreams. Dean Linnard, turned expertly ghoulish by Sabrina Khan’s costume design (almost too ghoulish for preschoolers) plays the Monster-King with an upper-crust Vincent Price accent and a zombie’s hunger. Sarazad makes up story after story to stay out of his stew pot.” (Laurel Graeber, “Spare Times: For Children”, July 13th 2012)


That’s right, friends: I’m almost too ghoulish for preschoolers. You’d best tell me stories if you don’t want to get stewed!

Latest News

In August I will be playing Caliban in “The Tempest” with Vermont Shakespeare Company:




In July my solo piece “Hamlet: A One-Man Show” will have its New York premiere as part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s New Works series:




In June and July I will be playing the Monster-King in the world premier of “Sarazad and the Monster-King,” a children show being produced by The TRUF at the Canal Park Playhouse:



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