“Hand to God” Reviews


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The reviews are in! I had the good fortune to play Jason / Tyrone in the play “Hand to God” at Left Edge Theatre in California. Here’s what the critics had to say:




“Robert Askins’ madly funny and irreverent play¬†Hand to God gets a terrific airing with a strong cast at Left Edge Theatre, featuring a mind-blowing tour de force performance by Dean Linnard as the teen and his demonic alter-ego … [Linnard’s] expert handling of the puppet, the expressions he gets from that sock mouth, the way he converses with Tyrone, is all stunning, virtually impossible to think of man and puppet as one person. Brilliantly done, Linnard’s performance deserves some special award for a demonstration of weird puppetry.”


Jeanie K. Smith, Talkin’ Broadway




“Linnard’s performance is nothing short of brilliant. His uncanny ability to switch so convincingly between two diametrically opposed characters at lightning speed – all while effectively maneuvering his right-hand companion – makes it a little too easy to forgot Tyrone is really just a puppet.”


Nicole Singley, Aisle Seat Review




“Tyrone is the real star of this play, lashing out at accepted norms, and ruthlessly swearing his way past veiled lies, with button eyes glaring at his victims. It does not take long to accept him as a separate character, due to the talent of Dean Linnard, who is essentially portraying two people simultaneously – an irate puppet and nervous teenage boy enable to articulate his feelings.”


Alexa Chipman, Sonoma County Gazette




“Linnard, a trained puppeteer, really puts his skills to work here and his ability to play two distinct characters/forces simultaneously is a joy to watch.”


Harry Duke, North Bay Stage and Screen




And for a special bonus, click here to listen to a radio interview (featuring my great fellow actor Carl Kraines and yours truly) about “Hand to God”.